Earning Loyalty Points

Loyalty Venue program allows its customers to to earn Loyalty Points. With these points the customer can then obtain rewards through the store like procedure. You as the creator of the Loyalty Program can reward your customers in two different ways:

  • Unique Codes (required to be manualy inserted in to an auto store, or use the API integration in a unique way.)
  • LV lite
  • Directly through Loyalty Venue Administration

Each of these procedures is different, however, they share a characters of a certain user obtaining a predefined amount of Loyalty Points to the Loyalty Program.

You as the creator have anything from 1000 to 10 milion unique codes, be it on product or other objects. Customers to the Loyalty program will receieve these unique codes and with them they are able to obtain prizes or rewards from a loyalty program (How the customers obtain these codes is up to the creator. Meaning you as the creator have to create a distribution system for unique codes.). With Loyalty Venue you can import all of the unique codes you have in to the Loyalty Venue Program (You can import these by accessing the Points section in the main menu of Loyalty Venue). After the unique codes are imported users can immediately start obtaining loyalty points by inserting unique codes in the Loyalty Venue webstore. All of the imported unique codes have a time of expiration inside an individual Loyalty Program.

You as the creator of a Loyalty Venue Program, wish to reward your loyalty patrons every day by visiting your website You can do that by using LV lite in your website. To do this you need the following:

  • The ability to insert a snippet of code at a specific event in your website
  • The amount of Loyalty points you wish to give for this Event
  • The users Email

In other words that transforms to: Digital Event, How much Loyalty Points, Who Gets them.

When finishing the required Digital Event, in this scenario, users visit your website, they automatically receieve the amount of loyalty points you specified as the creator of the Loyalty Program.

You can always manually decide to either deduce or add loyalty points to a specific customer. This is doable by accessing the Customers section in the Loyalty Venue main menu.

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For more information about Loyalty Venue please see Use Cases or contact us.

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