Loyalty Venue

Loyalty Venue is a web3 based system for loyalty programs, gift cards programs, and incentives for employees loyalty programs.

IEO is live now

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IEO stage started on 2nd June 2023
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platform that runs loyalty solutions!

LOVEU (also “LoyaltyVenue Tokens”, or “LOVEU Tokens”) is the utility token of Loyalty Venue platform used in all transactions related to distributed credits on the Platform itself.
LOVEU follows ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

LOVEU Smart contract: 0x38fDA593Ac9208D055cC243a195df1b2201DCf62


A Fluent User Experience

Thanks to the responsive online technology your customers can easily sign up and check their current point balance in your Loyalty Venue program from anywhere on every device with web connection

Redeem as you prefer

It is your choice how customers will be able to redeem their rewards in-store, online or both ways.

Customized solutions

Our user friendly loyalty solutions can be customized with your company’s brand colors and logo and they are highly configurable with many technological modules that can be easily activated.

Private Sale


9.000.000 USD


1st February 2023 @ 13:00 CET


1st April 2023 @ 13:00 CET

Minimum transaction amount

10 ETH

Maximum transaction amount

5.000 ETH



9.000.000 USD


2nd April 2023 @ 13:00 CET


2nd June 2023 @ 13:00 CET

Minimum transaction amount

10 ETH

Maximum transaction amount

5.000 ETH

Public Sale


21.000.000 USD + unsold from before


3rd June 2023 @ 13:00 CET


30th August 2023 @ 13:00 CET

Minimum transaction amount

0,1 ETH

Maximum transaction amount


Platform Features


Translation systems for future Localization of other countries

Build your loyalty web site

Sites management (for creating landing pages through apptoken with a simple logic of CMS, content management system)

Protection from hacking

Apptokens (security credentials for access with its application privileges)


Document / contract management systems (for example, the terms of service signature, general conditions etc.)


Management of products in promotion

Easy point management

Points and redeem management system


E-Shop with Product management

Order system

Management of Orders and changes of state; possible changes of status: Created, Confirmed, Processing (Moved to Negative: Standby) Shipped (Moved to Negative: Returned Because Error, Returned Because in Claim / Ticket occurred), Delivered).

Why Us?

Cryptro’s technology drives new world

Loyalty programs are very likely to increase visits to your business, thanks of customer membership effect.

Successfully retaining even only a small part of the customer base can increase a lot of business revenue.

Consumers participation in rewards of loyalty programs grew in importance with the economic uncertainty.

Unleash the power of our Loyalty platform combining our proprietary smart contracts with blockchain technology and providing these tools to everyone.

  • Content management system for the management of Landing Pages
  • Social media integration: A login system for the customer admin area
  • E-Shop management system from which the loyalty manager will manage the web prize catalog
  • Product management in Catalog, with all related information and logics of placement in the catalog
  • Management system for products in promotion
  • Reporting area for generation and downloads of reports, including customer data, product codes etc.

Start Collecting Data Now with LV LITE

Collecting loyalty points can be easy with LV Lite. Each customer can earn points however you imagine by providing their email address – no user registration needed. You can add loyalty points to their account from multiple websites, social media or even physical stores.

Use your secret key to generate code snippets which you or your developers can place in any application that you use. Reward your customer on any action or event: product purchase, social media involvement, newsletter subscription or anything you imagine.

  • Easy implementation: We provide code snippets and support for you.
  • Points from anywhere: Offer your customers to collect points in multiple ways and places.
  • One core: Loyalty points gathered from different sources use the same database and business logic.

A complete API + SSO + Crypto based System

Loyalty Venue is a based on RESTful API technology, for users with SSO authentication and it can be used for B2B or B2C needs

API System

Loyalty Venue is based on a API system that provides scalability and ability to evolve that the platform should have from the beginning to avoid having to recreate everything from scratch in case of future requests for new features and conceptual logic.

Apptoken System

It is based on a apptoken system for managing campaigns, extension to other countries and the creation of new business entities (partners, new customers, etc.).

SSO Authentication system

The SSO (single sign-on) Authentication system. The application provides from the beginning a unique authentication system, which allow users to access the various functions of the platform without having to relog.

Crypto System

LOVEU is the utility tokens of Loyalty Venue platform used in all transactions related to distributed credits on the Platform itself. LOVEU follows ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Distribution

The initial issue of LoyaltyVenue tokens is programmed by a smart contract and will be carried out in the following order:
  • Token Price1 LOVEU = 0,006 ETH
  • Total Supply500,000,000 LOVEU
  • Private Sale01 DEC 22 - 01 FEB 23
  • Private Sale amount9,000,000 USD
  • Pre-Sale02 FEB 23 - 02 APR 23
  • Pre-Sale Amount9,000,000 USD
  • ICO03 apr 23 - 30 jun 23
  • ICO amount21,000,000 USD

*Unsold token from ico period shall go back to Venice Swap LLC


the process of our ico program

Idea development


MVP launch

Q3 - 2022

Business tokenization

Q4 - 2022

Token sale

Q3 - 2023

Loyalty Venue wallet

Q4 - 2023

New OCR and AI features

Q2 - 2024

Opening of new business areas

Q4 - 2024

Idea development

The origin of the Loyalty Venue platform idea. Concept and business plan development.

Q3 - 2022

MVP is launched

Development of the legal model of the Loyalty Venue platform in various jurisdictions. The MVP is released.

Q4 - 2022

Business tokenization

Preparation for public token sale (ICO). Development of the smart contract for the release of LOVEU. The private sale begins. The development of the platform continues.

Q3 - 2023

Token sale

Public Token Sale (ICO) Phase, Private Sale Continues.

Q4 - 2023

Loyalty Venue wallet

Completion of Loyalty Venue wallet development.

Q2 - 2024

New OCR and AI features

Product launch with new OCR and AI features.

Q4 - 2024

Opening of new business areas

Opening of new business areas and completion of the technological architecture (NFT, multi-chain, automatic arbitrage algorithms, etc.)

Project Advisors

Luca Gambillara

Crypto Expert | Co-Founder Spontal